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The HolStrength Training Club is uniquely tailored to the trinity, where the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are ever present within the programming of body, mind and spirit. Knowing that has instilled confidence for me that this workout program is glorifying God through strength, hard work and discipline for all those who are committed to it. In just a short time following the program, I'm lifted by the community of believers and encouraged by Coach Branden. There is nothing quite like it and I'm excited to see where God's plans are for me through this.


Jessica S.

HSTC was everything I never knew I was missing. I remember my first call with Coach, I remember telling him how stuck I felt in every aspect of my life. HSTC gave me structure, community, and encouragement to change that very feeling. I had never stepped foot in a gym before joining, now I go 4-5 times a week (with a smile on my face). Coach creates a positive atmosphere that challenges you but also sets you up for success, however that may look to you! On the days success seems further out of reach than normal, you always have the HSTC group to lean on! In times of need and times of celebration the community is always there for you. HSTC created the discipline I needed to make my devotions and goals achievable, daily. These days I am not feeling so stuck anymore, I am working towards my goals and trusting the process along the way.



My experience with HSTC was absolutely amazing. Having coach Branden guide me for 3 months that led up to my CrossFit competition was incredible. I went into this fitness journey a bit scared, I had no gym or coach, but coach Branden assured me that as long as I put in the work that he gave me, he would take care of the rest. He made all the workouts and meal plans. By doing this he made the whole process so much easier. I truly got the results that he promised. Along with fitness I got a community,  I was able to grow in my faith and was taught that fitness and God can be put together. I have no regrets of joining HSTC and truly believe that it’s worth investing in.



I never knew you could bundle fitness & faith until I became part of the HSTC. The coaches are amazing & they strive to not only focus on my fitness journey but my walk with God. Coach checks in almost daily. There are live daily devotionals & occasional Bible studies. Whether you are looking for a great club where the coaches love to help you meet your goals or a place where you can grow in your fitness & spiritual journey, HSTC is the place to be. It's truly a close knit family!



I love the HSTC because coach listens to our needs and goals. He is willing to work with our schedule, no matter how crazy and plan quality workouts that give results if you stick to it and follow through on your end of the deal. I have been a part of the club for a few weeks, and I cannot recommend it enough. If you want a supportive community where you can learn fitness, grow closer to God in your faith, and make some great friends, then look no further. If you still don't believe me, schedule a call and check it out yourself. We'd love to have you.